Cherry Blossom (Sakura) dessert with asparagus

Last month a crew of the Japanese television NHK visited our office in Bruges and one of the research lab we cooperate with. Yesterday it was broadcasted.

Therefore I decided to make a dessert based on a typical Japanese ingredient; Sakura (pickled cherry blossoms)

Foodpairing Tree

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Sakura – Asparagus – Raspberry – Chocolate

sakura asparagus raspberry chocolate

Sakura was turned into an ice-cream. Asparagus is used raw in thin slices. Raw asparagus has some sweet and spicy notes, which makes it applicable in a dessert. The floral notes from the sakura match fruits like raspberry. The almond aroma in the sakura combines with chocolate. Resulting in following dessert; Sakura icecream, raw asparagus, raspberry, chocolate spongecake.

Watch the Japanse Video on Foodpairing here:

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