How to remix your Whiskey Sour

Foodpairing® is not exclusively for chefs. Foodpairing® lends itself perfectly to the creation of new cocktail recipes. Here we’ll give the all time classic Whiskey Sour that little extra.

A quick introduction of the classic Whiskey Sour

Unfortunately, no famous folk tale or riveting back-story is attached to the name of the Whiskey Sour. What we do know is that — according to an old Peruvian newspaper — a mysterious man named Elliot Stubb is credited for creating the Whiskey Sour back in 1872.

This sweet & sour cocktail contains whiskey, lemon juice, sugar syrup and optionally a dash of egg white. It can be shaken & served straight up or over ice and is garnished with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.

But we’re not here to get you started on the classic Whiskey Sour, are we?

The flavour complexity of whisky explains why this spirit is a match to many ingredients. However each type of whiskey, from bourbon to scotch, will have its own specific matches.

Easy to add as an extra are spices. Options could be cardamom, ginger or sichuan pepper. Toni Conigliaro — bartender of 69 Colebrook Row in London — adds some freshly grated liquorice to his Whiskey Sour. Starting from The Famous Grouse whiskey and lemon, the Foodpairing Inspiration Tool allows us to look extra ‘spices’ via the search filter.

Addition of spices with the Inspiration Tool

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Liquorice – Whiskey Sour by Tony Conigliaro

enter image description here

There are more exciting ways to add extra flavours than using herbs or spices. Whiskey seems to have a great match with cinnamon and mint, but also with tea. The Morrocan Mint tea of Lipton is an ideal tea to make syrup from.

This Moroccan Mint tea syrup will replace the classic sugar syrup. To make the tea syrup, use 2 teabags and steep for at least 20 minutes in boiled water. Use this water to make your classic syrup.

Morroco mint – Whiskey Sour

enter image description here

Its time to get off the beaten track and try some real foodpairing. Why not see if there’s any matching meats to fire up our cocktail? A smokey bacon & whiskey combination seems challenging. Besides from using bacon as a garnish, you can get bacon flavour into your whiskey: fry a piece with a dash of olive oil and place in your whiskey. Sieve off when the bacon flavour is in the whiskey. Put your whiskey in the fridge to harden the fat and then sieve.

Bacon – Whiskey Sour

bacon whiskey sour

Looking for more spins on classic cocktails? Try the ginger-pear Collins!

ginger pear collins

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