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Grey Goose


Grey Goose Vodka is a premium vodka, born of an extraordinary passion for spirit-making. It is created using only the finest French ingredients – the highest-grade wheat and pristine limestone-filtered spring water.

Increase revenue horeca outlets

Vodka Grey Goose wishes to identify premium barfood to enable upselling opportunities for horeca outlets. Unskilled bartenders should be able to create the barfood in split-seconds and offer an new flavour experience for which clients are willing to pay extra.   



Core product flavor insights gives insights into the flavor profile of the client’s core products, more specifically aroma, intensity and complexity of their core product(s).



Recommends the best food and drink combinations using the FlavorID® to be used as part of activation strategies, enhancing the holistic consumer flavor experience.


  • Creation of bar food & Grey Goose
  • Easy pairings to be served in premium bars: easy preparation by bartenders and accessible ingredients, but premium bar food experience. 
  • Content & demonstration for press event 



Barfood: Grey Goose Le Citron - Camembert - Lychee

Its old news that cheeses can be matched to perfection with various fruits. The savory nature of the cheese is underscored when combined with the sweet, fresh taste of fruit.
The aroma analysis showed that Grey Goose Le Citron can be perfectly combined with camembert, the world famous white cheese from Normandy, traditionally made from raw, unpasteurized milk. Add also lychee for a surprising, yet delicious treat.

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