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Kellogg’s, and more specifically the Pringles NPD team, was interested in launching new Pringles flavors that pair with certain beverages. 

The challenge - Pringles new line extension

Key questions from the Pringles’ team: 

  • What Pringles key flavor molecules drive pairings with beverages?
  • What new Pringles flavors should be launched that match with popular beverages and have high trial and liking scores?

Core product insights 

Insights into the unique aroma profile  and the pairing potential of the base Pringle chip.


Validated flavor concepts  

The Foodpairing algorithms created millions of flavor combinations matching target consumer requirements. These combinations were then validated through the use of digital twin technology to test trial and liking. Finally the top three flavor concepts were selected in close collaboration with the Pringles NPD team.


New product launch.

A new line extension was launched: Pringles with a unique roast beef and bursting mustard flavor

This snack tastes perfect paired with a beer!

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