Customer success stories

Remy Cointreau



Rémy-Cointreau was looking for technology to power a menu creation application with the possibility for the bartender to create Rémy-Cointreau cocktails with a twist. The final objective is to increase the sales of the bartender.

Key questions:

  1. How to increase sales and margins of the premium cocktail bars via Rémy-Cointreau spirits portfolio.
  2. How to built a cocktail recipe generator?
  3. Which appetizers match these cocktails.

Core product flavor insights: Developed meaningful research and development to map innovation opportunities, strengthening flavor insight for impactful launches.

Portfolio mapping: Mapped their portfolio through the lens of purchase intent to provide unique insights into the product line-up.

Product recommendations: Forecasted the product popularity, sparked interest and experimentation and boost recommendation accuracy.

Food & drink activations: Recommendations on the best food and drink combinations using Foodpairing’s FlavorID® tool to enhance a holistic flavor experience in foodservice settings.


Foodpairing powered a menu creation application for Rémy-Cointreau.

  • Increased sales of premium and selected bars, leading to better sales for Rémy-Cointreau.
  • Empowered on-trade teams in Western-Europe.

Benoît Collard

On-trade & New Channel Development Director @ Rémy Cointreau
Foodpairing was a way to increase the value of our sales pitch and to bring something unique within the industry.