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As one of the largest and leading European companies in the processed meats sector, Aoste, is in many ways, the industry standard because of their in-depth knowledge of their customers and consumers which allows them to generate growth opportunities in all markets.

The next generation on hybrid meats

Hybrid meats are processed meat products in which a part of the meat is replaced with plant-based ingredients. The plant-based ingredients can be vegetables or plant proteins such as soy or pea protein. Aoste is focused on building the next generation of hybrid meats.



  1. Ingredients trend insights: provides insights into the status of the ingredient and macrotrends.
  2. Core product flavor insights: helps develop a deeper understanding of the flavor profile of your core products and map innovation opportunities for your core products, strengthening flavor insight for impactful launches.
  3. Core product upgrades: offers insights, recipe and formulation suggestions to improve your current portfolio.
  4. Flavor formulations: offers tools to optimize the formulation of core product upgrades or LEP for enhanced likeability ratings.

Product launched - 25% more vegetables

Aoste launched the chicken sausages with 30% less fat and 25% more vegetables with a Nutri-score C. Click on this link to know more (link in Dutch) –

Thomas 2018

Thomas De Boes

Marketing Manager Innovation @ Imperial Meat Products, Aoste
“Now, vegetables can taste even more like meat. Foodpairing’s technology helped us expand our hybrid meat portfolio with their Digital Twin technology. This allowed us to boost our R&D knowledge to another level without threatening our characteristic flavor.”

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