Customer success stories


Radicl is on a mission to breed natural flavors back into vegetables.  


The challenge from Radicl was to develop a plant-based cream cheese based on fruit and vegetables. The key goal is to develop next-gen healthy plant-based products with low processing and no additives.


Foodpairing predicted which fruits and vegetables would be most similar to cream cheese.

By making virtual recipes combined with patented fermentation technology, and predicting the sensory profile, a number of formulations were selected that were most similar to the original dairy based cream cheese.


By combining classical plant breeding techniques with culinary know-how and a touch of A.I.-driven ingredient pairing, we’ve developed with RadicL a range of clean label, all-natural vegetable-based products. No additives, no extra sugars or fats needed.

Flavour description: A fresh plant-based alternative to cream cheese with a subtle hint of coconut.

The Foodpairing research resulted in a plant-based cream cheese based on a unique combination of vegetables and fruits.