Customer success stories


Valio wanted to launch new ice-cream flavors to strengthen the Fabriikki brand. They were looking for funky new flavors. The team wanted to offer something surprising and appealing to urban women who like to explore new flavors.

Valio wants to cater the Scandinavian market. Their target audience is women from 20 to 40 years.
Consumption moment: Treat snack

Key requests from the Valio NPD team:

1) Understand macro trends & translate these to the Fabriikki brand.
2) Predict which funky flavors should be launched with a high appeal to the target group.



Line extensions predicts the most likely successful line extensions or new products


»  Generate new and distinctive line extensions for a specific target audience and flavor camp

»  Give insights into what drives the trial and liking of your target audience


»  Trial and liking prediction on all possible variations within a specific flavor camp

»  Generate ideal flavor profile


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A range of new and exciting flavors by Fabriikki.

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