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Core Product Reformulations

Core product reformulations offer insights, recipe and formulation suggestions to improve your current portfolio.

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Why do it?

Stay relevant and to continuously improve the appeal of your product to keep pace with evolving consumer demand. 


  • How should I adapt my formulation when salt or sugar needs to be reduced?
  • How should I change my formulation when I’m forced to use a different raw material due to cost or availability restrictions?

What do you get?


Ideal flavor profile

The final result of millions of reformulations tested by the Digital Twin of your Consumer

Flavor profile for your core product with the highest predicted liking

Comparison of the top reformulations/renovations of your base product



Recipe or formulation.

Final formulation of the highest liked flavor profile

Value proposition / Solution USP

Improve speed and accuracy by enabling your development chef or flavorist.


> To provide insights and formulation suggestions on how to adapt the existing product. 

Key measures:

> Predicted liking


> Select product

> Select ideal flavor profile

Data sources

> Analytical aroma data via GC-MS

> Analytical taste data via HPLC and photometric methods



> Generate variations on top of the existing profile that score higher in liking 

> Liking prediction of variations

> Translate ideal flavor profiles into formulations

Innovation cycle

Concept & formulation development



Target audience

> R&D

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