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Flavor forecasting

Flavor forecasting provides visibility on the status of the ingredient and macrotrends. Trend data can also help define interesting flavor camps and ingredients to explore in this early phase.

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Why do it?

Keep ahead of the latest ingredient trends and macrotrends including but not limited to health, diet and beauty trends.


This solution answers the following questions;

  • Which ingredients are trending for a specific country, macrotrend,or target audience?
  • How do these ingredient trends relate to the flavors in your portfolio?
  • What pairings resonate in different flavor territories?
  • What emotional association, market manifestation, related trends and pairings link to different macro trends?

What do you get?


Macro trend insights

Data on the macrotrends shaping the evolution of the food and drink category last month, over the last 6 months and in the longer term.

Emotional associations, market manifestations, related trends, and scent characterization for each macrotrend. 

Insight on how macrotrends and related ingredients differ between countries.


Ingredient trends and evolutions

Insights on the trend evolution of ingredients: is an ingredient mainstream, upcoming or novel?


Trend life cycle

Are the ingredients used in your portfolio or SKUs trending?


Food pairings

Unlock the pairing potential of trending ingredients assessed using machine learning and AI. 


Forecasting the lifecycle of flavor trends and brands:

How trending are the ingredients used in a specific brand?


Value proposition

Unlock better ingredient trend insights through Foodpairing’s proprietary ontology and artificial intelligence tools.


> To provide insight into how ingredients, categories, flavors and macrotrends evolve over time. 

> To inspire flavor pipeline brainstorming. 

> To identify flavor camps and concepts for the next innovation pipeline.

Key measures

> Understand ingredient trendiness: mainstream, upcoming or novel. 

> Identify the macrotrends that have emerged in the last month. 

> Uncover the macrotrends shaping the last 6 months. 

> Chart the evolution of macrotrends over the long term. 

> Appraise category evolution across the food and drink landscape.


> Select macrotrend

> Select country

> Select ingredients

Data sources

> Recipe websites

> Blogs

> Social media

Data availability in 31 countries

> Predict macrotrends per country based on the performance of individual products.

> Generate a trend score per ingredient, per country.

> Predict the evolution ingredient trends: chef, foodie, or mainstream.


> Predicting macrotrends per country based on the trends of individual products

> Generating a trend score per ingredient per country

> Predicting where the evolution of the ingredients are: chef, foodie, mainstream

Innovation cycle

Insights & portfolio strategy – Early stage insights



Target audience (reference roles)


> R&D

> Marketing

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