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New Market Validation

Starting from your existing portfolio our platform is able to identify those products that match the best with the flavor preferences of consumers of a new market.

Why do it?

  • To increase sales of existing portfolios without product development or new SKU’s. 
  • To get the line-up that generates the largest reach in a new market with your current portfolio


  • Which existing products (SKUs) should I launch in a new target market?
  • Which existing flavors will have the highest liking in a new target market?
  • How does the overall liking and buying intent of my existing product changes in a different market

What you get?


Success probability

  • Identify existing flavors that have highest success probability for new markets 

Optimized product line-up

  • Discover the most optimal product line-up in your new market after validating millions of product concepts including your current products and competitor products.

Value proposition / Solution USP

Maximize your consumer reach in new markets. Reach the maximum number of consumers when you enter new international markets by understanding the liking and purchasing intent for your existing portfolio.

Increased accuracy. Optimized line-up in new markets by validating millions of product concepts

Increase speed-to-market to defend against competitors. The TURF is updated in real time when a competitor launches new products and also considers future concepts.


Maximize your reach by optimizing the number of SKUs that cater to all or almost all of your consumers in the target audience. 

Generate and rank liking and purchase intent scores for target audiences outside the original briefing or target group


Key measures:

Predicted trial or purchase intent

Predicted liking of your products in new markets


Select number of samples in line-up

Select commercial products in line-up

Select new markets

Data sources

Analytical aroma data via GC-MS

Analytical taste data via HPLC and photometric methods

Commercial products from e-commerce websites

Recipe websites, blogs from the target country

Social media

FlavorID of target consumers


Trial and Liking prediction

(predicted) TURF on millions of concepts

Innovation cycle

Early stage insights

Insights & portfolio strategy

Target audience


Product managers

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