Better products, faster.
Is our promise to you

This is the very core of our value proposition

Faster development


consumer & market insights driven
flavor combinations
consumer likability prediction

Value across your business

Optimizing core products and building new ones is a multidisciplinary discipline. To succeed, different divisions within the organization need to collaborate seamlessly. The Foodpairing platform empowers diverse teams to make smarter decisions, faster, thus creating value across the entire business.

  1. Drive strategic value for mid- and C-level management

    • Increase bottom-line by prescriptive analytics & digital twin simulation.
    • Increase competitive advantage.
    • Reduce risk from NPD investment.
    • Reduce decision-cycles and time invested by executives.
  2. Enhance Branding & Marketing activities

    • Increase product success by launching products that meet consumer needs.
    • Stay relevant by continuously optimizing your core portfolio against consumer preferences.
    • Reduce time-to-market by reducing development time and trial-and-error.
    • Increase brand equity by increased relevance with appealing flavors.
    • Improve portfolio performance through portfolio optimization.
    • Increase consumer targeting with greater precision by flavorID.
    • Improved storytelling with introduction of novel products.
  3. Supercharge Research & Development

    • Reduce trial & error through targeted new products.
    • Reduce cost on consumer & expert panels.
    • Increase efficiency of resources.
    • Reduce cost by reducing the number of concepts tested in your NPD pipeline.
    • Reduce development time by offering detailed ‘new product briefs’ to internal flavor teams & external flavour houses.
  4. Align flavor with your brand and product Strategy

    • Find winning product strategy by use of simulation.
    • Increase excitement of your core products.
    • Increase brand equity by launching the right line extensions.
  5. Better activation and sales

    • Find new markets faster for existing products.
    • Increase user experience by flavor-led recommendations within the context of e-comm, POS and direct-to-consumer.
  6. Strengthen your Purchasing

    • Reduce cost by improving bargaining power against flavor houses.
  7. Enhance your consumer insights

    • Increase consumer understanding with better hyper personalised consumer insights.
    • Decrease time-to-insights and understand what consumers want by tapping into our continuously updated consumer data.