International mango festival

One of Delhi’s most popular events is the – International Mango Festival – which celebrates everything about the King of all tropical fruits, ‘Mango’. The International Mango Festival is held every year at the Delhi Haat Pitampura in Delhi. This year it took place the 7 and 8th of July.

Mango, the King of all tropical fruits in all its variaties

One gets to savour over 1100 varieties of mangoes and some rare species of the sumptuous fruit. Some of the traditional and exceptional mango varieties are Langda, Dasheri, Alphonso, Fasli, Bombay Green, Chausa, Sindheri, and many more hybrid species of the fruit.

Aphonso, Haden, Keitt, Kent are some of the varieties we have in the Foodpairing database. You should have a look! Also mango puree is available in our database.

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mango products

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale in Dehli takes out the stone of a mango and fill it up with condensed milk, saffron and nuts, and freeze it.

Foodpairing combinations with mango? What about adding blackcurrant-basil or green tea-lychee?  

Mango – Saffran – Nut – Milk

Mango stuffed with kulfi source picture

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