Metaxa – tomato – vermouth – orange – onion

By relying on the rich aromas of Metaxa, I’ve created this cocktail with tomato juice, vermouth and orange juice. What a discovery this fresh and balanced cocktail is! It was served at the Foodpairing┬« Masterclass on Mediterranean flavours in Greece hosted by

aromatic wheel food pairing, Mefoodaxa cocktail

Ingredients (for one cocktail)

  • 50ml Metaxa 5
  • 180ml fresh tomato juice
  • 20ml dry vermouth La Quintinye flavoured with rosemary
  • 30ml fresh orange juice
  • 1/4 dry onion
  • pepper
  • salt


Slightly crush the onion in a shaker with a pestle, add the remaining ingredients and “roll” with ice – moving all ingredients from one part of the shaker to the other by this rolling technique.


Kalamata olives, feta, dry onion, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.


Highball glass type

cocktail by gegam kazarian for foodpairing masterclass in greece

Photos by Stathis Kalligeris

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