Mezcal cocktails on the rise

Are Mezcal and tequila the next upcoming spirits? If we can rely on Berlin Barconvent to predict the near future, smokey Mezcal cocktails will definitely be on the fancy bar’s menu card.

The ‘wild artisanal cousin of Tequila’

Mezcal is made from the maguey plant, a form of Agave native to Mexico. This Mexican spirit is characterised by a smokey & spicy flavour, but also has a fruity side and contains some floral-citrus notes.

Movie of the Guardian illustrating the Mexican Mezcal culture and how the spirit is made.

Mezcal foodpairing combinations

Here’s a sneakpeek of possible Foodpairing combinations made with the Foodpairing Inspiration Tool.

Foodpairing Inspiration Tool

enter image description here

Mezcal in a cocktail

Surprising cocktail that caught my attention at the Berlin Barconvent. A Mezcal cocktail with dark chocolade and pink pepper corns. Chocolate and Mezcal are a good match because they share fruity flavours.

On the side, a slice of lemon with seasalt and crunchy mealwurm. A luscious drink.

We see these combinations are foodpairing proof!

Mezcal – Dark Chocolate – Pink Peppercorn – Lemon – Mealwurm

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Another interesting Mezcal cocktail is the one made by Maxim Kilian from the Frankfurt ‘speak easy’ Parlour bar. Its a vegetable cocktail with Mezcal – Green Pepper – Lemon – Lavender.

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