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Concept Development for Line Extensions

Develop and predict the success of line extensions or new product innovations using purchase intent and likeability forecasting models.

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Why do it?

  • Get insights into the concepts with the highest predicted success in your target market.


  • What line-extensions have the highest chance of success?
  • What is the reason-to-believe that a particular concept will resonate?
  • What is the target audience for a particular concept?
  • What are the numbers behind the reason-to-believe?
  • What flavors will create consumer excitement?

What do you get?


Winning concepts:

Identify the concepts with the highest purchase intent and liking scores.


Reasons why:

Metrics and insights reveal why a concept will be successful in a specific market.

Value proposition / Solution USP

Screen millions of concepts to increase speed of development and identify winning concepts through digital twins.


> To generate new and distinctive line extensions for a specific target audience and flavor camp.
> To give insights into what drives the trial and liking of your target audience.
> To avoid cannibalization on your core products.

Key measures

> Predicted liking
> Predicted purchase intent


> Select concept
> Select concept details

Data sources

> Analytical aroma data via GC-MS
> Analytical taste data via HPLC and photometric methods
> Commercial products from e-commerce websites
> Recipe websites, blogs
> Social media


> Trial and liking prediction on all possible variations within a specific flavor camp
> Generate ideal flavor profile

Innovation cycle

Concept & formulation development



Target audience

> R&D
> Marketing

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